If you decide for our services, our team will provide you with quality, efficient and reliable bookkeeping and top service in the field of bookkeeping and accounting.

We offer you the following services:

  • Commodity and material accounting
  • Making retail and wholesale calculations
  • General ledger
  • Keeping books of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Keeping VAT records, calculating VAT and preparing a VAT return
  • Calculation of salaries, taxes and contributions
  • Calculation of work contracts and royalties
  • Bookkeeping of fixed assets
  • Preparation of annual and semi-annual calculations
  • Business analysis and proposing measures for more efficient business
  • Tax consulting
  • Establishment of a company
  • Assistance in fiscalisation of business entities
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Keeping business books for independent activities (book of income and expenses, records of receivables and liabilities, inventory list of fixed assets, etc.)

We provide all these services for companies, associations and independent craftsmen who operate in various industries.